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We trust in your idea the same way you put your trust in our know-how to get your project through. From day one, know our rates, turnaround and conditions.

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We don't want you to be a mere client. We want to establish a relationship based on cooperation and mutual trust. We invest in technologies that allow us to offer services of world class quality but, above all, we invest in people.

We adapt to your needs

In case you have doubts about the process, we'll advise and guide you through the wide range of available options.

Time is money

We guarantee timely deliveries. We take pride in counting on a large number of professionals who we fully trust, thanks to their unparalleled knowledge and expertise earned through years of experience.

Our perspective
Where we want to be

Among the principles governing Sublime, we can list a few that stand out such as quality, acknowledgment of the hard work performed by the professionals devoted to the sector, accessibility and spreading culture.

In the realm of translation, linguistic competence is a fundamental prerequisite, however, it isn't the only one. Whether the client is satisfied with the services provided will depend on a series of critical factors and solid foundations.

That's why at Sublime, we only focus on that for which we can guarantee excellent quality.


Dubbing translation

Text translation


A team with big ideas

Sublime is a young, modern and dynamic translation agency located in Madrid. It was born from the urge to offer professional services of utmost quality. Our main objective is to provide linguistic solutions and guide our clients through the whole process of internationalization of their products, while offering a unique, personalized touch, along with competitive rates and the guarantee of timely deliveries. To this end, we rely on a large network of professionals specialized in various sectors of communication, working exclusively in their mother tongue. Thanks to our professional team of linguists, translators and subtitlers, operating in multiple languages, we'll make your projects come to life.

We love
what we do

Since the birth of cinema, and thus at the time, silent cinema, until present days, there has been a prevailing necessity to find a universal language with which the same product could reach a myriad of assorted consumers. Audiovisual translation and subtitling have contributed to steer audiovisual contents towards a very mixed audience, with a view to adjust to the peculiarities of said audience in order to incite sympathy and identification for the product.
At Sublime, we take our job very seriously which doesn't mean that we don't have fun every day. Here's a small sample.

Writers make national literature,
translators make universal literature


The limits of my language
are the limits of my world


Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life


I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity


Our services
We're passionate about our job

At Sublime we like offering “regular services” in a different way. Through a system based on an innovative management and selection methodology, we take pride in our ability to offer distinct levels of quality, in different language combinations depending on our clients' needs without putting the originality or nature of our work at risk.
Our creativity serves our clients.

Text translation
Infused with our heart and soul

Financial texts. Legal texts. Scientific texts. Technical papers. Literary translation. Sworn translation.

Extremely meticulous

We go through the complete process of subtitling: creation of time codes, translation, proofreading, quality control and burn in.

We accommodate your content

Localizing your website to the local area so that the transition of your company goes smoothly

Other services
We polish your products

Stylistic and orthotypographical review and correction. Editing and desktop publishing services. The delivered product is ready to use, print, publish and disseminate, and with best possible quality.

We welcome constructive criticism

Those guys know what they're doing! They saved my marriage and, on top of that, subtitled a documentary on my life.
I highly recommend them and so does my wife.

Bill Clinton - United States former President

May the subtitles be with you

If quality translation and subtitling you seek,
Sublime it is, for they are sleek.

Yoda - Jedi Master

We care about classical literature
Ask our clients

Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.
The greatest lesson that
Sublime taught me.

William Shakespeare - No introduction needed

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