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Financial texts

This type of text translation proves useful not only for financial entities but any and all companies claiming the internationalization of its products, making these accessible for the global market. Among the most common files requiring translation services, here are a few:

    Fund factsheets
    Audit reports
    Investments reports
    Accounting reports
    Income statements
    Financial statements

Legal texts

When it comes to texts of a legal nature, Sublime knows that every term used in the destination text can have significant repercussions for the recipient. For that reason, we're aware that it is absolutely crucial for our clients to receive a translation as accurate as possible and that the whole process be carried out in strict confidentiality. Among the most common texts, we can mention the following:

    Deeds of incorporation
    Contracts and Powers of attorney
    Court rulings
    Law reports
    Insurance policies

Scientific texts

There are a large number of existing scientific disciplines, which is why a large number of areas are covered within the spectrum of scientific text which in turn, are often found intertwined. The Sublime team is conscious that for this particular specilization, it is fundamental to correctly use the available terminology and adapt it to a very concrete textual genre. Here are a few of the most commonly requested texts:

    Scientific research papers
    Medical information leaflets
    Medical records
    Technical standards and Presentations

Technical papers

The technical field encompasses multiple specialized sectors. For that reason, understanding the subject matter is a fundamental prerequesite to take on the translation. Hence, the translator must be an expert on the matter at hand and be completely familiar with the numerous technicalities used in these types of texts. Within our team, we have a large number of professionals with a perfect mastery of the technical jargon of their respective fields of specialization when translating in the target language. Among the most commonly requested texts to translate, we can count:

    Instruction manuals
    Maintenance manuals
    User manuals
    Norms and technical data sheets

Literary translation

Creativity is the most fundamental tool to take on literary text translations. For this purpose, and for the translator to correctly understand the author's alledged intentions and be true to his vision of the story, said translator really must embrace literature as a whole. The existence of these abilities in the translator will be key factors to take into account in order to facilitate the diffusion and outreach of the writer's artwork. Usually, the following texts are most requested for literary translations:

    Books of varied subjects
    Essay papers

Hotel Marketing

Translations with advertising purposes are never regular translations as they always have a creative and imaginative component to them. The marketer or advertiser's intention must be reflected while the play on words should be maintained to attract clients. We're aware of how marketing strategies and advertising have a fundamental role in the internationalization of a product. In this respect, we're specialized in hotel marketing translation. We can guarantee translations fully adapted to the target culture and in the case of web translations, we also make sure the format is respected. A few examples of hotel marketing requests:

    Hotel webpages
    Advertizing campaigns
    Information pamphlets
    Description of facilities

Sworn translation

What is sworn translation?
A sworn translation consist of a translation performed by a certified translator, who is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act as such. The certified translator acts as a notary and, with his seal, attests to the legitimacy of the translated document, while taking full responsibility of the certified content.
What is the difference between a certified translation and the rest of translations?
The only difference between a certified translation and the remaining translation types is that the delivery is always done in person: A printed copy sealed by the translator. For this reason, said delivery should be done through a courier company or picked up at our offices.
When are these translations necessary?
These documents are necessary when there is a need to attest the authenticity of said documents before authorities, institutions and organisms of countries where the source language of the document is not spoken.
Who typically asks for these translations?
The majority of organisms that need this type of documents, whether foreign or national, are usually Ministries, courts and educational institutions. Among the most common documents requested for a sworn translation, the following can be named:

    Certificates of: Birth , marriage, medical examination, criminal records, etc.
    Academic: University degree, student record, etc.
    Varied: Contracts, Driving license, judicial rulings, etc.

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